Vacancy Refurbishment Grant

The Vacancy Refurbishment Grant (VRG) provides funding to facilitate the refurbishment of vacant and derelict properties.

The VRG provides up to €50,000.00 to renovate a vacant property and up to €70,000.00 If you are wondering, how can I get a vacant property refurbishment grant? for a derelict property please read below.

Your application is processed by your local authority. There are increased levels of VRG for traditional farmhouses or if the property is located on an offshore island.

What are some of the requirements for the VRG?

The following are some of the requirements for the VRG:

 The property must have been vacant for two years or more.

 The property must have been built before 2008.

 You must own the property or be in the process or buying it.

 You must reside in the property once purchased or make the property available for rent.

 If renting the property, then you must register the tenancy with the Residential Tenancies Board.  You must have tax clearance from Revenue.

 You must have paid your Local Property Tax.

 You cannot avail of the VRG on behalf of a registered company or developer.

The conveyancing team at Fachtna O’Driscoll Solicitors are specialised in dealing with the vacancy refurbishment grant, property acquisitions and sales. We can assist you if intend to purchase a property which may qualify for the VRG. Visit our website at or telephone our office on (021) 427 8131.

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