Corporate Law Solicitors

Our company law solicitors in Cork advise on a wide range of company law matters and commercial transactions in the areas where law and business intersect. We provide advice and guidance to commercial clients, from long-established companies to start-up enterprises, as regards their duties and obligations under company law, including the duties of directors to a company and its shareholders. We also advise on best practice for compliance with government regulations. We offer expert assistance on the best method of implementing change within a company as regards the re-structuring of internal affairs, whether through takeover or merger.


A. Commercial – Advisory


We provide advice in the following areas:

 Advertising and Marketing

Agency and distribution

Anti-bribery compliance

Collaboration Agreements

Commercial due diligence

 Commission and introduction Agreement

Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Franchise Agreements

Consumer Rights

Data Protection and privacy

Terms and conditions of business

Trademark Registration

Gaming & Lotteries Law


B. Commercial – Transactional


We provide advice in the following areas:

Angel Investment

Banking, Finance and Security

Capital restructuring and re-organisations

Company formations

Corporate Finance

Directors Duties

Joint Ventures

Mergers and Acquisitions

Shareholders Agreements

Venture Capital


C. Information Technology Law


We provide advice in the following areas:

Software and hardware development agreements

App Development contracts


Terms of Business

Website audits

Website hosting and development agreements

Website terms and conditions

End User Licence Agreements

Software as a Service Agreements

 Hosted Managed Services Agreement

Software Escrow Agreements

IT Dispute Resolution Services


D. Data Protection and GDPR


Under the GDPR all companies and businesses that collect or use personal data have duty to make sure that such data is protected and only used for the purposes that it was collected. Moreover, any company or business (a data controller) that allows such data to be used by a third party (a data processor) must have adequate contractual terms in place with the data processor to ensure compliance with GDPR. Additional considerations are required when a business or company wishes to transfer personal data in the EU to a country outside of the EU.

FOD Business Law are uniquely placed to help your business navigate these legal challenges helping you stay compliant with the GDPR, avoiding the heavy regulatory fines and negative publicity associated with the non-compliance.

We provide advice in the following areas:

GDPR Compliance

Data Controller and Data Processor Agreements

Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy

Data transfers outside of the EU

Data Breach


E. Software Licensing Compliance – Legal Support


The vast majority of IT executives are not confident about software licensing compliance. Software Vendors continue to audit their customer base to determine whether they are compliant with often complex and disjointed software licensing contracts leading to protracted and costly settlements.

Whether you are an established IT business that is facing a large compliance settlement finding or you are a new IT Software business struggling with how you should license your software and structure your commercial contracts FOD Business Law is uniquely placed in the Irish Legal Market to provide the technical knowledge and the legal acumen to solve such problems.

We offer the following software license services:


Licensing Audit Defense – Legal Support

Identify software installs/deployments

Identify discrepancies

Vendor Audit project management & representation

Stakeholder engagement

Data protection

Settlement negotiations

Regular contract Health checks


Contract Advisory Services

Vendor risk assessment

End User License Agreements

Vendor contract management system

License procurement negotiations

Audit clause negotiation

License transfer & Third Party Rights to Use

Framework Master Software Agreements

Mergers & Acquisition Software Due Diligence


F. Startups


You have a great business idea and you want to start your entrepreneurial journey. Where do you start? That’s the most often question we hear at FOD Business Law. You start with contacting FOD Business Law. These formative weeks and months of getting a business up and running can be time consuming and often stressful. Most startups fail to materialise in this period. At FOD business law we are well placed to help you navigate these legal and business challenges.

If you would like to learn more about what FOD Business Law can offer your company please contact us at