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Can I Claim Compensation for an Accident Abroad?

Personal Injuries can happen at the best of times and unfortunately that means it is possible for an accident abroad to occur. Trying to claim compensation for this type of personal injury can be difficult, but our specialised team at Fachtna O’Driscoll Solicitors are here to help you.

At Fachtna O’Driscoll Solicitors, we acted for a client who was on holidays abroad when a glass door shattered resulting in multiple injuries to our client. We had to do a lot of research to identify the correct Defendants as the accident occurred abroad but we were able to issue proceedings here in Ireland and secured a very substantial settlement for our client without his giving evidence. Our client’s injuries affected his employment prospects and we had to investigate this aspect by instructing a vocational assessor to comment on the impact of his injuries on his employment prospects.

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